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As a digital marketing strategist and online marketing consultant with more than 15 years of experience in digital media, marketing and online strategies, my goal is to help small to medium sized businesses as well as existing organizations reach their full potential.

Beyond traditional models, I develop individual and above all innovative solutions for national and international clients.

With a keen sense for trends, comprehensive expertise and a rich repertoire of proven marketing tools or detailed target group and market analyses, I help you to develop suitable online marketing strategies and implement them successfully in your company. Together we define specific customer groups (B2B or B2C), exploit existing business potential, expand it sustainably and position you and your company optimally in the market. Whether with the help of search engine optimization, content or affiliate marketing, social media campaigns or classic e-mail marketing solutions – I support you in not only defining your goals in detail, but also in achieving them.

Convince yourself of the advantages of a marketing strategy tailored to your needs and use the full potential of your company!

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As soon as you want to specifically increase your company’s sales, are looking for additional acquisition channels or your target group is increasingly using social media, it is worthwhile in many cases to set up an online affiliate marketing program.

Affiliate marketing is often also called partner program and works according to the following principle, which is easy to explain: you can, for example, increase visits and usage, i.e. traffic, of an online store via recommendations and acquire new customers with a low budget risk. If a purchase is then made as part of affiliate marketing, you pay your publishers a commission.

However, affiliate marketing is not limited to stores. Services or products of a company can also be advertised here in a targeted manner. It’s actually quite simple: your partners can recommend and advertise your service or products via their blog, for example, but social networks such as Instagram or YouTube are also ideally suited for referral marketing.

The following applies: The higher the relevance of your offer for a visitor of the publisher, the higher the conversion rate or the chance that you can win a new customer and thus earn something. Therefore, look for partners whose target audience you know, so that your content is appropriate and you can continue to build reach.

Use affiliate partner programs to advance your business. In order to guarantee the best possible success for you, I will advise you in detail and accompany you from the competitive analysis to the creation of individual concepts and the establishment of a functioning affiliate program. Let me know if you have any questions or if you want to get started right away.

Just like Google Ads, Bing Ads also offers you the opportunity to place target group-specific advertising online on the international market for your products and services. Here, too, billing is via pay-per-click. If your campaigns are placed in the Microsoft Search Network on sites such as Yahoo!, AOL, MSN or Bing, you only pay if a user has actually clicked on one of your ads. The exact price depends on factors such as the competition, the quality of the keywords used and the ad itself. Every click counts – good marketing is therefore enormously important and required.

In addition, Bing Ads gives you the chance to edit and adjust your web ads individually according to the settings and to tailor planned advertising measures both to specific target groups and to exclude others. This includes the opportunity for you to target customers, reach them and win them over. Do you have enough personal data to know your target groups? Otherwise, I can help you collect the data and provide you your exact target audience based on it.

With a market share of up to 15%, Bing Ads can be a useful extension to Google Ads. Would you like advice on running Bing Ads? With my experiences, I give you access to knowledge about Bing Ads strategies. Let me help you create an optimal concept or improve your existing strategy and make your business big!

Digital analytics aim to measure the success of your website and current marketing measures. To enable targeted advertising and successful online marketing in the first place, it is necessary to control advertising campaigns and measures according to target group and market. Especially with the help of tools such as Google Analytics, you can measure and evaluate various online marketing key figures and activities, such as the number of visitors to a website – i.e., traffic, page impressions, bounce rates or so-called conversion rates. In times of digitalization, this tool plays a major role for your digital business – a continuous collection of data is needed, and you have to understand the generated data and thus your potential customers. Analyzing makes it possible to improve your strategy and therefore the grow of your business.

In the context of a collaboration, measurement or digital analytics represent an important basis with the basic key figures. With the integration of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Data Studio, as well as the targeted measurement and analysis of selected marketing channels and business goals, relevant KPIs can be measured, and marketing measures can be optimized. This gives them far more comprehensive data, which is extremely important for the success of your digital business. Through them, you can also link a lot of helpful information and, based on this, start to sustainably improve your business with targeted measures. In addition, I offer individual workshops on the topic of digital analytics for your employees based on my efforts and experience.

Display marketing includes online advertising measures such as videos, images, animations or even banners that are displayed directly over the screen of users. These can even be animated or interactive. Both on a website and in an online portal or on other external sites, display marketing thus offers you the opportunity to make your advertising accessible and present it to a desired customer group in a targeted manner. (Selection via interests and placements) You can use your display marketing campaign to increase the reach of your company and draw attention to yourself. Different target groups can be addressed with the help of the selected advertising media. So, your campaigns and advertisements can be based on the potential customer you are choosing. Digital display marketing strategies are very important for the optimization of your success.

It is precisely the use of cookies and the user information thus obtained that makes the placement of advertising within the framework of display marketing particularly effective. While your advertising is also directed online to customers with corresponding interests, the user, your desired customer, is taken directly to your various products, your services or your website with just one click. Appealingly designed ads can strengthen brand perception in the advertising process. Do you need someone to explain your options? Again, I’ll advise you in detail if you want to use display marketing to make the most of its many options.

As one of the most used communication channels in online marketing, you should also pay due attention to email marketing today. Whether for information or advertising purposes, emails are an powerful and effective form of direct marketing. Here, for example, you have the opportunity to address specific customer groups directly, increase sales and strengthen existing customer ties – use your existing account and create newsletters whose content is relevant to your target group.

If you compare mass mailings with email marketing, targeted email marketing also gives you the chance to communicate with your customers in a targeted, personal and direct way. In addition to the proven ability to increase your company sales, a well thought-out email marketing strategy also allows you to effectively showcase your brand and increase its awareness. Therefore you have to plan your content, so that your business can grow.

It is important that the information you send out provides an advantage to the readers. The content should be relevant and aligned with what customers want to know. For example, you can give your email contacts tips for free or inform them about offers. The language should be simple and easy to understand. Address your customers directly and offer them the opportunity to get in touch with you directly. Your subscribers should definitely not think that they receive spam. In the worst case, they unsubscribe. While reading your newsletter, your customer should feel that his time is well spent.

Regardless of providers such as Google, Facebook or YouTube, you can reach countless customers of different age groups with the help of email marketing. With low costs and a limited advertising effort, you also benefit from clear results here. Delivery and email open rates give you information about the success of an advertising mail – i.e. whether the mail was received and read – as well as conversion rates, unsubscribes or bounces. Would you like help with a suitable individual email marketing concept? I would be happy to help you achieve success!

In order to develop individual online marketing solutions and to ensure their functionality in the long term, the Google Tag Manager can be used. The abbreviation GTM is also often used. This is a free tracking service that is integrated into the source code with a tracking code. Once this has been done, you can start right away.

As an extension of the standardized analysis of Google Analytics, Tag Manager allows you to gain an in-depth insight into visitor behavior on your website by recording interactions. Subsequently, the tool provides you with data on scrolling behavior, downloads, submitted forms or the use of an online shopping cart and you benefit from this information when designing your website or presenting your advertising measures. This is absolutely necessary for the optimization of your online marketing. With the knowledge of how users scroll through your website or blog, you will be able to to find out the why. Based on this information, you can take the next step towards the optimization of your online presence.  

A clean setup of the Google Tag Manager allows a quick scaling of activities into other channels. The advantage: The implementations and changes can be made without programming knowledge, so online marketing can be implemented faster. Contact me if you want to know more about strategies of how to interpret the user behavior and recommended options of how to react on it.

Google Analytics is a free web analysis tool that provides you with basic insights into user behavior on a website via statistics and the evaluation of key performance indicators. These are, for example, the number of your visitors, visit duration or visitor behavior.

While all collected data remains completely anonymous, up-to-date site information helps you develop targeted online marketing strategies and adjust them as needed. Do you know the strengths and weaknesses of your website? Using the tracking tool is absolutely recommended, as you can quickly and effectively adjust marketing strategies. I will guide you through the complete process from installation to understanding the Reports and start manually adjusted campaigns.

I specialize in integrating Google Analytics DSGVO compliant (according to current legislation) into your digital universe to measure or analyze the relevant KPIs.

With the help of Google Analytics, you can define individual goals and measure the conversion rate. Constantly updated and enhanced information helps your business succeed. The insights from the analyses can help you address your target customers. Would you like to use the tool on your website as well? I would be happy to show you how to use Google Analytics effectively, just contact me!

You want to know exactly? Then the Google Data Studios software is right for you. Thanks to this tool, all available analyses can be broken down individually. You can use not only external data, but also information from Google Analytics, AdWords, Search Console, Google Sheets, YouTube and many other sources. The advantage is that you can use all data in one place. This way you can create a descriptive report.

First, we connect your desired data sources to Google Data Studio, then we configure the report layout. Through reports and visualizations, the data – for example, through tables – is presented simply and clearly, so that they can evaluate the various information directly and quickly. With Google Sheets, you can even enhance your reporting. This way, you support important marketing decisions and can make important changes, e.g., in your marketing strategy, based on them at any time. From the various tools, select only the information that is useful to you.

I help you to analyze and understand the sources and data so that we can improve many of the details of your current strategy to improve your performance and achieve your desired goal.

Google Ads forms an important basis of search engine marketing. With this, companies can place targeted advertising on Google or corresponding partner sites. Thus, it is possible to attract potential customers to your website or lead them to direct contact as part of your online marketing campaign. Let your potential customers see your offers! This also works, for example, via advertising on YouTube or campaigns on the numerous websites of the Google Display Network. You can strategically align your campaign with conversion.

At comparatively low advertising costs, Google Ads thus enables you to achieve a specific marketing goal. Regardless of whether you just want to boost your business, call a potential customer to action, or plan to stage a service, Google Ads makes it possible. Here, the advertising costs incurred depend in each case on the keywords used and on how often potential customers click on your offer. It is also called “Pay-Per-Click” or PPC marketing. Unlike organic search results, Google Ads advertising is marked with the word “ad”. While you decide how much your advertising budget is, Google places the particular ad according to the desired target audience. Do you know your target group? I will gladly support you in defining your desired customer. This way, you will reach the highest possible number of people in your target audience.

In order to fully exploit the potential of this marketing channel, I offer you, in addition to a detailed strategic consultation, the analysis of existing accounts and the setup of new Google Ads accounts. According to your business goals, I also develop individual account structures, conduct the necessary keyword research and also take a close look at your competitors. In addition, I create different ads according to your objectives and support you sustainably to achieve your marketing goals.

Regular market analyses are fundamental for any strategic planning and successful online marketing because on their basis you can develop relevant marketing strategies. They make it possible to identify your company’s weak points as well as potentials and possible competitive advantages over your competitors. Digital online marketing can only be successful if an analysis of the market or market research has been carried out beforehand, so as much information as possible should be collected. An adapted strategy ensures growth of your business.

Furthermore, with the help of detailed market analysis, you will not only get to know your target audience in detail and can then create a buyer persona that is precisely defined, but you will also be able to determine specific marketing measures that are guaranteed to reach your target customers and set your company apart from competitors. This is the best way to turn potential customers into buyers. You will also learn what potential customers think of your product and how you are perceived compared to the competition.

Use the data obtained to find out, among other things, which communication channels are particularly worthwhile. Because the campaign is only worthwhile if your target customer is also on the platform on which you want to advertise. Don’t waste resources – adapting strategies is the better option!

You can also find out who is a relevant market companion of your company and how to make the most of existing marketing opportunities. By keeping track of your competition, you will always stay up-to-date and be able to better assess and optimize your position in the market. Analysts study market conditions for you and give you advice on what to change in your business to improve your effectiveness and make you more successful. You can specifically avoid mistakes that your competitor makes and pursue efficient strategies. Thus, an important and sustainable strategy for the future of your company can be worked out based on the competitive analysis. With my skills and experience, I help you to understand the data and benefit from my services.

Strategy development is about analyzing current promotional activities, defining your company’s individual goals and developing an appropriate marketing strategy. It is a holistic process that asks how the company can reach its goal. This means that if you have an overview, you can optimize resources, skills and competencies with the right measures and become more strategically successful.

In order to guarantee the greatest possible success of all advertising measures, existing methods, strengths and weaknesses are scrutinized and detailed marketing strategies are designed according to your budget. In this way, you can take advantage of your opportunities – especially in the online sector. Use strategic planning to improve the choices of your business so that you have less effort in the future.

In addition to the definition of a specific customer group, the strategy development aims to identify the wishes and needs of potential customers and to market your own products or services accordingly. This involves analyzing, among other things, what information customers search for and find on the Internet, which pages are called up, or which channels are particularly successful. Based on this analysis and other data, customer-oriented content can then be created and extended via the marketing channels.

As part of a strategy development, I advise both e-commerce companies, medium-sized companies but also start-ups in detail regarding possible marketing measures. I also analyze current marketing activities and plan individual online marketing strategies, taking into account the respective budget, to guarantee the greatest possible success of your marketing campaigns. I will be happy to help you develop and implement your personal strategy and guide you through your many options.

There is hardly any way around social media today. Nevertheless, the successful use of these media is only possible with a well thought-out social media marketing strategy. Whether via Facebook, Xing, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, TikTok or Instagram, your advertising must fit the intended target group and their user behavior in order to be effective and also bring long-term benefits for your company. For this, the right content for your target groups in social media is also enormously important. The content must be appealing to your users and also relevant, for example, by answering questions in your posts so that followers linger on their page and become customers.

With the help of detailed models as well as various marketing tools, I help you to develop a marketing strategy that is suitable for your company and that can be transferred to other marketing channels in the same way. This way you will not only benefit from detailed demographic knowledge about your target audience, but also reduce your overall advertising costs. In addition, you can accurately track the effectiveness of all your advertising efforts based on engagement rates, clicks or conversions and also optimize them in the long term. With a strategic plan, you can reach your goals, for example, optimize your brand image, gain new costumers or generate leads.

Regardless of which social media channels you are already using, I will help you create a strategically sound communication with potential customers. This involves not only analyzing existing target groups and their user behavior, but also creating meaningful advertising campaigns and accounts, as well as developing advertising materials for the social networks. You benefit, for example, from active account management, the targeted placement of advertisements on various social media platforms, a sustainable success analysis and ongoing support.

By combining possible social media platforms for your advertising purposes in a sensible way, you simplify your marketing activities and can reach a wide audience at comparatively low advertising costs. I can help you improve your social media strategy and make your business a success.

The tasks of an Online Marketing Consultant

Today, online marketing is more important than ever for any company, no matter how small. Presenting oneself and one’s own company in the right light, presenting products or services as attractively as possible and also addressing the right customer group is the main task of functioning online marketing. The focus has long since shifted from radio and television advertising to online digital solutions. Not only the planning of a company website or an online store requires up-to-date know-how and a feeling for trends. Other topics such as search engine optimization, digital analytics and reputation management as well as the general online presence of a company and, of course, defining and reaching relevant target groups also determine the success of an online business. With an up-to-date overview of the most important data, you always stay up to date and learn about changes immediately, so that action can be taken quickly. This is essential for modern companies in the digital age.

To successfully face all these challenges, it takes an expert. The online marketing consultant is not only a marketing specialist, but also a proven strategist. He develops detailed marketing measures that reach the desired customer at exactly the right moment via different channels. Whether it’s online advertising, corporate presence or direct customer contact via the various social media – the online marketing consultant is responsible for building a positive brand image in a sustainable manner in just about every area of marketing.

Questions about whether a company can be easily found via Internet search engines, how a company presents itself online or what impression an organization leaves with the desired target group are all part of an online marketing consultant’s core responsibilities. It is important to find out what the highlights of your current online marketing strategy are and in which campaigns there is potential for improvement, because you want to be better than average.

Based on these and other aspects, an online marketing consultant creates detailed marketing concepts and advises a company on possible strategies and their successful implementation as well as on strategic objectives. In order to position a company, product or service in the best possible way, not only technical competence is required, but also a strong talent for communication, as well as experience and up-to-date knowledge in dealing with the Internet and the associated techniques, as well as increasingly important social media knowledge. Knowing which content to post, whether campaigns should be live and interactive, or whether to resort to classic advertising measures, is of great importance nowadays and, with almost endless possibilities, requires good management and a lot of experience. Happy customers ensure the growth of your business.

In addition to advising and supporting a company in the targeted implementation of a marketing strategy or campaign, an online marketing consultant also takes on the planning, setup and optimization of all digital marketing channels. Search engine advertising (SEA or PPC) is an immensely important part of the work of online marketing consultants, especially in today’s highly digitalized corporate and business world, and requires the consultant’s experienced skills.

In addition, an online marketing consultant is familiarized with the conception and creative implementation of company websites and their placement in search engines (SEO). And other content processes such as creating content strategies for optimal content, conversion optimization of newsletters or planning an individual email marketing campaign are also part of the tasks of an online marketing consultant and should receive a great deal of attention. The online marketing consultant also takes over the analysis and collection of basic key figures for regular success control of all marketing measures used, in order to be able to increase your chances of even more success in a short time and in a targeted manner.

Regardless of product, service, company structure or size, an online marketing consultant can be a real asset today and is becoming increasingly relevant. After all, a proven and well-founded marketing strategy, that is ideally aligned with the company, target group and market, can make the difference between the success or failure of a business. Thus, the work of the online marketing consultant and his profound knowledge not only creates added value for the company, product and service – it also paves the way for a successful future and can specifically prevail against your competitors.

Would you like to use my service as an online marketing consultant and receive information about your possibilities? Please feel free to contact me and send me a message without any obligation.



Target Group: B2B

B2B marketing refers to marketing activities between companies. This area is also called business-to-business marketing. More than communicating with an end consumer, it is therefore a matter of reaching internal company specialists and addressing them in a targeted manner. In order to market a product or service on a large scale, it is therefore immensely important to resort to a well thought-out and professional marketing strategy in order to reach the customer. The better you know your target customer, the better you can tailor your marketing to them.

While impulse buys are a rarity in B2B marketing, planned promotional activities should be thought through in detail to guarantee their success. The goal here is to effectively target all promotional activities to a specific audience and provide solutions to their needs. These can be products as well as services or an individual consulting offer.

In addition to classic marketing measures such as trade fairs, events and word-of-mouth propaganda, the search engine optimization (SEO) of websites, detailed and customer-specific content marketing in which relevant content is important, the strategic use of Google Ads and social media via LinkedIn or also affiliate marketing with well-known influencers to develop new customer groups have proven particularly effective and successful.

In order to successfully market in the B2B sector, it is necessary to have well-thought-out and well-directed strategies that are geared to the customers and potential buyers. Marketing objectives should be considered, as should target groups and market dynamics. With the help of detailed analyses, up-to-date know-how and modern marketing tools, I help you to position your business and your brand optimally, to use current trends and to stand out clearly from the competition. Together we will plan and develop strong b2b marketing strategies, especially in the digital area, so that your company will grow even more in the future. With engagement and targeted decisions, you will reach the customers of the desired businesses.

Curriculum Vitae Maximilian Mende

2015 - Today

dixmind GmbH

Owner & Founder

With detailed competition, market and potential analyses as well as in-depth consulting in the field of online performance marketing, I, as the owner and founder of dixmind GmbH, have been serving small and medium-sized companies since 2015 and supporting them in the targeted development of new online marketing channels.

Especially through the successful use of Google Ads, SEO, Digital Analytics or Affiliate Marketing, not only sales increases are achieved, but also conversion rates, engagement and customer acquisition are demonstrably increased.

2017 - 2018

Wunder Media Production GmbH / Hubert Burda Media

Business Director

As Business Director of Wunder Media Production GmbH, it was my job to drive national as well as international new customer business. Furthermore, I introduced modern marketing tools in the company and led trainings on topics such as Google Analytics, Ahrefs, Google Adwords and search engine optimization.

In addition, I developed internal PR and marketing strategies and helped Wunder Media Production GmbH with its strategic development. As a result, advertising costs were demonstrably reduced and conversion rates increased. Based on detailed target group analyses, content strategies were also developed that improved brand awareness and performance.

2014 - 2016

United Digital Group UDG

Sales Director

As the leader of a multi-member team for the development of digitization strategies and its distribution, it was my task to develop comprehensive performance marketing strategies for new customers and successfully distribute them to them. Through new and creative sales and branding strategies, significant revenue increases as well as massive new customer acquisition were achieved.


groupm Germany GmbH

Interim Key Account Manager

As an interim key account manager, I built personalized customer relationships with key accounts in a targeted manner. As part of this activity, I created individual offers and contracts and ensured optimal customer service according to a wide variety of requirements.

With the help of new marketing strategies, for example, not only the branding of companies such as Audi and Ford and correspondingly the company turnover could be improved, but also the engagement with the respective target group. In addition, performance measurements and analyses helped to ensure efficient use of the customer budget.

2012 - 2014

Cuponation - jetzt Global Savings Group

Head of Online Marketing

As online marketing head in the area of digital analytics and pay-per-click campaigns, I managed the international online marketing business for Cuponation, a Rocket Internet venture. As such, I developed online marketing efforts and strategies for European, Asian and American target markets. The results were increasing sales and overall traffic growth while scaling budgets. In addition, working closely with the BI team, BI & Digital Analytics solutions were implemented and successfully rolled out across all markets.

2011 - 2012


Online Marketing Manager

As part of my role as online marketing manager, I created, among other things, detailed marketing reports and managed national as well as international Facebook, Google Search and Display campaigns.

In particular, by analyzing current trends as well as user behavior and their interests, I was able to demonstrably increase performance and expand market share. Customer loyalty, brand positioning and the company’s sales were also increased by optimizing the Facebook campaigns.

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